KC Smith Industrial Roofers, an established and professional roofing company, are a friendly and approachable team of professional roofers in Cardiff, willing to answer questions and advise on the best style of roof for your requirements.

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A friendly and approachable established and professional roofing company with a team of expert roofers in Cardiff, willing to answer questions and advise on the best style of roof for your requirements at K C Smith Industrial.


Industrial Roofers in Cardiff & Newport, South Wales. We cover all aspects of roofing and have professional expert roofers ready for any commercial & industrial job required in Newport and Cardiff South Wales.

KC Smith Industrial Roofers in Cardiff & Newport

All buildings need some kind of roofing, and with the large variety of different kinds of building there are, there are an equally large number of different types of roofing. The kind of roofing you choose for a property depends on the function of the building; roofing for a domestic property is something completely different than you would choose for a commercial or industrial building. With domestic buildings aesthetics are much more important when looking at roofing for a home, and people often choose something in keeping with the age and style of their home. Popular choices are slate and tiles. Industrial roofing is much more based on functionality rather than how it looks, and many people use an asphalt roof as a hard wearing and functional form of roofing for a commercial or industrial building.

When it comes to industrial roofing, it is just as important for the finish to be good as it would be for someone’s home. At the end of the day, your place of business reflects your company and you want the exterior to look good to give the right impression to passing or visiting customers. A nice building also makes members of staff feel good about where they work and creates a more positive working environment. Any kind of roofing can look good, even something plain and functional such as an asphalt roof, if the workmanship is of a high enough quality.

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What To Look For When Seeking Welsh Industrial Roofers?

A main attribute that people look for when looking for industrial roofing though is reliability and that it keeps out elements such as wind and rain. Places of business often contain expensive equipment as well as stock, and it is important for all of this to be protected from water damage in particular. The interior of the building could also be affected by inefficient roofing and create an unattractive work environment, not to mention draughts, cold and damp for you and your employees.

If you are looking for roofing for an industrial building or place of business, look at all of the options available to you to ensure that you get the most efficient kind of roofing within your budget, and ensure that your building is energy efficient. A good roofing company will offer a range of roofing solutions to choose from and show you the pros and cons of each option.

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