Difference Between Industrial vs. Residential Roofing

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It may appear like a roof is just a roof; however, there’s a difference between an industrial roof and a residential roof.

Industrial roofing

What’s the difference between industrial vs. residential roofing?

Damage to either roof type can be costly and lead to loss of value of your property caused by natural disasters. Also, both require using materials of high quality plus proper installation by highly experienced roofing companies in the industry. They’ll understand that industrial and residential roofs aren’t created equally. It’s important to understand that all these differences are the answer to finding a roofing system of high quality for each structure.

  • The Roofing Material

Generally, roofing materials for industrial and residential roofs always vary depending on the roof type, cost as well as the weather conditions. An industrial roof typically has a flat slope while residential roofs are often steeper. It will take a qualified, professional roofing firm to meet the demands of the two and offer sound advice regarding the material that will work best for each type of roof. Those that have excellent reputations when it comes to providing high quality roofing materials plus skilled roofing technicians, who take care of installation, are in high demand.

  • What Are the Roofing Materials Utilised for Residential and Industrial Roofs?
  • Built-Up Roof.
  • Solar Shingles.
  • Metal Roofing.
  • Wood Shakes.
  • Asphalt, Slate, Ceramic Shingles as well as Tile.
  • Roofing Design

Residential and Industrial roofs also vary in design. Industrial roofs tend to have lower slop, or they are entirely flat and larger when compared to typical resident roofs. Flat roofs tend to need more maintenance, and they involve repairs of bigger spaces that are often installed in sections. An industrial roof typical design has several factors to consider like the need of covering a larger area and the weight of equipment housed on the roof. Residential homes always have less worry when it comes to design, plus they tend to be very easy to maintain, replace as well as repair.

  • Major Roofing Differences

Typically, residential roofing is fairly easy to create and install. While some home might not want solar shingles to be installed, the only obstacle is always a chimney. Industrial roofs require highly skilled roofing services familiar with building around external piping, air flow systems as well as smoke stacks. Experienced, competent roofing companies can meet the demands for residential and industrial roofing requirements.

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