Roof Problems To Watch Out For in the Winter Season

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Roof Problems To Watch Out For in the Winter SeasonWinter will once again soon be upon us and homeowners should always be prepared for the inclement weather conditions that are nearly certain to follow. There are many concerns to address in advance and one of the most important is appreciating the signs that a roof may have become damaged. Not only will the ability to spot such symptoms prevent frustrating issues, but a great deal of money can be saved as opposed to waiting until it is too late. Let us, therefore, outline a handful of the most common signs of damage in order to remain prepared well in advance.

Frayed, Worn or Missing Shingles

Shingles represent the most important barrier between your home and the unforgiving elements. As a result, they need to be closely examined from time to time. Even apparently minor damage can quickly evolve into a decidedly major headache. Some of the major signs that professional roofers in Cardiff should be contacted without delay include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Segments that are warped or bowed
  • Shingles that may have become partially detached from the roof

Also, be sure to check gutters and downspouts for an excess amount of grit. This could signal that the protective coating found atop the shingles has been worn away; another instance that requires an expert diagnosis.

Patches of Melted Snow or Ice

There can be times when you notice that a portion of your roof is free from snow after a heavy storm. This is a concern, as it could hint that your attic is lacking the proper insulation. Not only will this cause you to spend more on heating bills, but melting water may penetrate below the shingles and impact the integrity of the underlying structural supports.

Joints and Flashing

Roof joints and flashing are especially susceptible to damage during the winter. High winds can cause the flashing to peel back. Expanding ice within joints may pull them apart; allowing water to enter. Perform a visual inspection to make certain that these areas have not suffered any damage and if you suspect a problem, contact a specialist without delay.

These are three of the most common roofing issues to watch out for during the winter season. As always, K.C. Smith Industrial Roofing and Cladding is only a phone call away. Please contact us if you would like a professional assessment or should your roof require expert repairs.

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